About Me



Adriana Yankulova is Bulgarian  photographer . She graduated the Bulgarian Film Academy, and she is now one of the leading portrets,product and  still photographers.

Adriana work on the movie's set like Expendables 2 ( where she did "The Making of" movie), "St. George Shoots the Dragon" , "Ivan Poddubny, "Valentino", Baciamo le Mani" , " Hunter of sounds,"Riders","Hercules" and more.Among her TV credits are one of the most popular Bulgarian TV shows and commercials : Bulgaria's got Talent, The Magnificent Six, McDonalds and UniCredit. Adriana was cinematographer and director of various music videos, with one of the most famous Bulgarian singers.

We have a  big studio with a lot of space and equipmant. My team can offer fully blown service and my quality standards are high.